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codepoet: I'll update the description with some tips to make it work

2022-07-06 01:24:30 UTC

codepoet: the menaka software 'webOS Remote Desktop' still works -- although it requires reducing some security settings on the Windows box:

2022-07-06 01:23:52 UTC

mazzinia: interesting

2022-07-05 13:20:55 UTC

nomad84: +the version without video calling:

2022-07-05 10:42:33 UTC

nomad84: ^^here are the new files

2022-07-05 10:42:16 UTC


2022-07-05 10:41:46 UTC

nomad84: I've found some more video assets in the TouchPad IPKs, these include German, French, Canadian French, and Hong Kong English localizations + an interesting find: the first available version of the English demo did not have the video calling feature

2022-07-05 10:41:14 UTC

theoldmototoad: Hot Spot

2022-07-04 22:04:33 UTC

codepoet: wow, that's rough

2022-07-04 21:48:04 UTC

nomad84: as an example the Pixi Plus feature screen not only looks like something created with Word 97 but it also has webOS written with a capital W:

2022-07-04 18:18:06 UTC

nomad84: some of the original Palm screens are pretty dorky :)

2022-07-04 18:16:35 UTC

nomad84: here is some more extracted demoloop content: - it includes more version of the Pixi Plus, the Pre Plus, and Pre 2 (generic English, SFR, and Verizon) - the originals directory has the original (non-rotated videos) - the menu_screens directory includes content for HP Pre 3, Veer, Pixi Plus and Pre Plus (e.g., features list and navigation help)

2022-07-04 18:14:48 UTC

nomad84: I bet that import fees and handling could also cost you quite a bit

2022-07-04 15:34:25 UTC

mazzinia: (and unlocking outside japan is a mess, to be kind)

2022-07-04 13:06:57 UTC

mazzinia: but with japanese phones, is always better to double ask, since they tend to be all carrier locked

2022-07-04 13:06:31 UTC

mazzinia: should mean that

2022-07-04 13:05:56 UTC

codepoet: Does 'Sim free' mean 'unlocked'?

2022-07-04 13:05:50 UTC

mazzinia: yep, thre should be also a white one

2022-07-04 13:05:49 UTC

codepoet: Here's one on ebay:

2022-07-04 13:05:30 UTC

mazzinia: but this site cuts the middlemen , so it's in theory cheaper

2022-07-04 13:04:40 UTC

mazzinia: I think there are 2 or 3 on ebay around 350usd , marked unlocked from japan

2022-07-04 13:04:21 UTC

mazzinia: to show the phone they would have to break the seal

2022-07-04 13:03:36 UTC

mazzinia: because is sealed in the foam package shown in pic 2

2022-07-04 13:03:24 UTC

codepoet: Hmm, no pics of the phone. Just the box...

2022-07-04 13:02:56 UTC

mazzinia: seems to me that there are no buyers on all the phones, unless they snipe at the last minute

2022-07-04 13:02:43 UTC


2022-07-04 13:01:54 UTC

mazzinia: sec

2022-07-04 13:01:27 UTC

codepoet: Link??

2022-07-04 12:56:02 UTC

mazzinia: on a different angle, the balmuda phone is now hitting ... reasonable prices... think it can be found new for 199

2022-07-04 12:55:11 UTC

mazzinia: :)

2022-07-04 08:52:55 UTC

nomad84: as far as I can tell these are very simple apps

2022-07-04 06:22:11 UTC

nomad84: I think we could convert the demoloops into web apps so anyone could try them online

2022-07-04 06:21:41 UTC

nomad84: I think we could convert the demoloops into web apps so anyone could try them online

2022-07-04 06:21:41 UTC

nomad84: I think we could convert the demoloops into web apps so anyone could try them online

2022-07-04 06:21:39 UTC

ILovePeachesComputer: Those videos are awesome!

2022-07-03 21:55:27 UTC

nomad84: it references this json in its configuration but it is no longer available:

2022-07-03 18:03:33 UTC

nomad84: I think this will not work on the Pre 3, a lot of assumptions here, but there are no videos in the IPK, so it may have downloaded them at first use

2022-07-03 18:03:12 UTC

nomad84: + here is the IPK for the Pre 3:

2022-07-03 16:28:47 UTC

nomad84: **On the TouchPad:** 1. Install the following three IPKs in this order: 2. Reboot TouchPad 3. Launch Device Alive app **On webOS 2.1.0 devices (potentially later as well)** 1. Install the following package: 2. Launch the dialer and dial #*3366# on GSM or ##3366# on CDMA 3. Follow on-screen instructions

2022-07-03 16:23:18 UTC

nomad84: I can put together a quick tutorial on installing it, or at least the steps I've used to install it :)

2022-07-03 16:14:33 UTC

nomad84: it looks great on the device

2022-07-03 16:12:49 UTC

nomad84: I've managed to extract the TouchPad videos, you can watch them here:

2022-07-03 16:10:13 UTC

nomad84: thank you!

2022-07-03 16:09:46 UTC

codepoet: `luna-send` followed by launch and params

2022-07-03 16:09:38 UTC

codepoet: In appManager you should find an example of a launch command you can use from the command line

2022-07-03 16:08:37 UTC

codepoet: My internet is really bad here (Beach cabin on lake Erie) but on the sdk under the docs menu is a Luna service reference section

2022-07-03 16:07:47 UTC

codepoet: You need to send a Luna command

2022-07-03 16:05:21 UTC

codepoet: Yes

2022-07-03 16:05:04 UTC

Grabber5.0: Probably, because you can do it with the SDK using a prompt

2022-07-03 16:01:36 UTC

nomad84: is there a way to launch an app on webOS using the terminal?

2022-07-03 15:34:36 UTC

nomad84: I can send you the original files

2022-07-03 12:56:09 UTC

nomad84: please feel free to

2022-07-03 12:56:03 UTC

mazzinia: with white pandas in the background

2022-07-03 12:52:23 UTC

mazzinia: I think those were recording tests while counting , probably

2022-07-03 12:52:02 UTC

codepoet: I did, ya. Cool but pretty hard to tell what was going on

2022-07-03 11:48:50 UTC

mazzinia: you saw the videos recorded in "lab" from development devices ?

2022-07-03 11:22:40 UTC

codepoet: These are fascinating discoveries guys! Mind if I add to the wosa YouTube?

2022-07-03 11:10:23 UTC

mazzinia: nice findings

2022-07-03 09:22:49 UTC

nomad84: and here is the version that plays on the device:

2022-07-03 05:53:58 UTC

nomad84: this is never activated on my device

2022-07-03 05:50:32 UTC

nomad84: I've found another video on the Pixi, it is similar to the Pre demoloop:

2022-07-03 05:50:11 UTC

nomad84: this one is called oddx vs odd in all other versions

2022-07-02 20:00:01 UTC

nomad84: ```############################## ## Default ini file for ODD Service ## copy to folder /usr/palm/ondevicedemo/ondevicedemo.conf ## ############################## [IPKG] INSTALL =; RUN = REBOOT = false SKIPONRAMP = true ##############################```

2022-07-02 19:59:43 UTC

nomad84: and I think they built a new app for TP demoloops

2022-07-02 19:59:26 UTC

nomad84: they may have removed the capability in one of the updates after 3.0.2

2022-07-02 19:59:05 UTC

nomad84: and I can't even invoke the prompt on the TouchPad

2022-07-02 19:58:48 UTC

nomad84: same error on 2.2.4 (HP Pre 3)

2022-07-02 19:40:20 UTC

nomad84: I guess you can check if you have it installed, before enabling it: working: ```root@palm-webos-device:/# ipkg list | egrep "odd|ondevicedemo" - 1.0-21 - - 1.0-7.1 - ondevicedemod - 1.0.5-60 - ``` not working: ```root@Palm Pre Plus:/# ipkg list | egrep "odd|ondevicedemo" - 1.0-22 - ondevicedemod - 1.0.8-93 - ```

2022-07-02 19:32:48 UTC

nomad84: it is part of the 1.4.5 doctors but I guess they moved this to the app store in later releases

2022-07-02 19:24:47 UTC

nomad84: it is not installed on 2.1.0 by default

2022-07-02 19:22:33 UTC

nomad84: it needs the app (App ID 425995?)

2022-07-02 19:22:23 UTC

nomad84: ``` 2022-06-26T18:27:41.350830Z [125] palm-webos user.alert ondevicedemod: startupApplication: ODD package not found and not installed 2022-06-26T18:27:44.532501Z [129] palm-webos user.crit LunaSysMgr: {LunaSysMgr}: virtual void WebAppManager::onMessageReceived(const PIpcMessage&) (245). Failed to find app with key: 425995 msgType = 0x2017 ```

2022-07-02 19:21:50 UTC

nomad84: my best bet is that it won't start on the Pre 2

2022-07-02 19:20:41 UTC

nomad84: it has added a single mp3 and a bunch of pictures to the user accessible volume

2022-07-02 19:20:22 UTC

nomad84: it deleted my accounts (e.g., email) but it kept my files (e.g., music) intact

2022-07-02 19:19:54 UTC

theoldmototoad: i might try it on the pre 2 but does it only delete the settings?

2022-07-02 19:14:30 UTC

nomad84: it doesn't work on the Pre Plus though

2022-07-02 19:13:46 UTC

nomad84: yes, on a GSM model

2022-07-02 19:13:10 UTC

nomad84: and it also displays an optional get started guide when unlocking

2022-07-02 19:12:54 UTC

theoldmototoad: im guessing you tried it out then

2022-07-02 19:12:54 UTC

nomad84: the OG Pre demoloop is the same animation that is displayed when setting up a new phone

2022-07-02 19:12:05 UTC

theoldmototoad: will try on my pre- now

2022-07-02 19:11:13 UTC

theoldmototoad: Ahh just tried that on my Pre 2 on 2.2.4, this comes up so it does seem to work actually

2022-07-02 19:11:08 UTC

nomad84: 2.1.0 throws the following error

2022-07-02 19:09:18 UTC

nomad84: it worked on a Palm Pre WR on 1.4.5

2022-07-02 19:02:46 UTC

nomad84: I take that back, it seems the GSM code is: #*3366# + Dial

2022-07-02 19:02:33 UTC

nomad84: welp

2022-07-02 19:02:01 UTC

nomad84: and nothing on the TouchPad dialer either

2022-07-02 18:58:30 UTC

nomad84: no luck with WR models of (*#3366# or ##3366#): Palm Pre on 1.4.5 Palm Pre Plus on 2.1.0 HP Veer on 2.2.4 HP Pre 3 on 2.2.4

2022-07-02 18:57:59 UTC

theoldmototoad: mine was from an o2 store though im pretty sure

2022-07-02 17:30:17 UTC

nomad84: Maybe they never had GSM store demo units

2022-07-02 16:59:45 UTC

ILovePeachesComputer: Yep!

2022-07-02 16:42:57 UTC

nomad84: Is this a Sprint Pre?

2022-07-02 15:46:28 UTC

nomad84: +a video of the demoloop:

2022-07-02 15:35:41 UTC

nomad84: here is a gallery of photos from the Pixi Plus:

2022-07-02 15:29:43 UTC

theoldmototoad: haha my og pre wont recognise it nor me pre2

2022-07-02 14:32:52 UTC

nomad84: none of my other webOS devices recognized it though (I have also tried *#3366# on the gsm phones)

2022-07-02 14:21:11 UTC

nomad84: it worked on my verizon pixi plus on

2022-07-02 14:18:07 UTC

theoldmototoad: i mean i just doctored mine to 1.4.5 i think it was on 1.1 or something before idk

2022-07-02 08:12:37 UTC

ILovePeachesComputer: All I did was open phone on my original Pre, then type in ##3366# and then called it. And the pop up came up.

2022-07-02 07:35:16 UTC